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Thank you means alot!


Weird that the game development studio and the profile name did not match, but I will still leave some feedback, just in case. 

The game has a stiff environment, in terms of being quite and creepy, but there are some jump scares along the way. The map is familiar to me, because I've played many horror themed games made with this tool kit and it all depends on the use of it, story and unique take on the house.

Unfortunately, there was nothing much showcased, as it should be for the demo, but I enjoyed the small sequence and for what it is end result matters the most. Behind the window sneak peak AI was pretty well made, other than that, as I said, needs improvement. 

Good luck with the project, once again, if it's yours and not stolen, judging by the profile and hope to hear about this in the near future. 

Thank you for the feedback on our demo we will definitely take in you're thoughts and ideas we knew that it was stiff and short and will be pushing many updates out to fix this thanks again. CE

Also could you possibly tell us what you mean about matching up names? As we do not want this unprofessional look because we are working hard to get an amazing standards type game?

When I opened the game it had different name of the studio, not "ComplexEntartainment", that's why I was confused. 
Second thing is, has a problem with people stealing games and posting other people's work, I've encountered many and that's why I wanted to make sure it was your studio and not someone else's. 

We can assure you that we have worked countlessly and continue to do so everyday. Its a project we've been planning for a long time and finally are taking the steps to make our vision come true. Could you be more specific in what appears for you when you open the game? As from our development side and the testers we've had the only thing that shows before the game loads is 'made with unity' as thats the engine we use. If there is something else appearing when being downloaded this would be an issue we would need to address asap and update. If you'd prefer to discuss this privately please don't hesitate to join our discord or DM me. Jay (aka Ghosted#0594)


Everything is fine now. It's that without the profile I am not trustworthy, but this does not apply to you now, because you are clearly a developer. 
Good luck with the game. 

Thank you for this understanding.

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