Dark Dreams Announcement #4

Hey All

The game is still in progress of being developed. We have noticed people saying that there assets in this demo that's flipped which we already announced about saying that each asset in the demo is used as place holders due to current lack of staff (3D Modeler/Artist) we try to be as transparent as possible to stop this issue of people thinking we are just a team not working hard to create a game just asset flipping but i guess the understanding from some just isn't there yes things will get switched out from pre licensed asset to our own once we can afford to hire the staff for it I'm sorry if you look down on using assets.

Just stating this isn't saying we are stopping development at all so we will keep you guys updated.

these asset changes will most likely be switched out with updates of the official release of the game thank you to everyone that understands this way of working again we are a dedicated development team and want to be as open as possible Thanks

-- CEO of complx entertainment -- Jay

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